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Assignment Ninja is a full-service assignment helper in Malaysia committed to improving your grades and making your academic journey less nerve-wracking. We believe that you can shine like a bright star in your classroom if you complete your assignments on time and impress your teachers with knowledge-based work. Assignment Ninja would exactly do this for you!

We take pride in having professional academic writers (we name them Ninjas), who sink their teeth deep into your requirements and furnish your work quickly to save you plenty of hours. We also adhere to your college’s/university’s unique guidelines, enabling you to prepare your work the way you want. You can get in touch with us today to ensure your tomorrow’s success!

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Academic Assignments

Scared of lengthy assignments? Don’t want to sift through dozens of notes? Struggling to streamline your ideas?

We hear you! At Assignment Ninja, we make your situation less stressful by creating comprehensive, research-oriented assignments on a wide array of subjects. Whether you’re doing a full-time job, creating your next presentation, or preparing for your exams, you can pass on the burden to us to complete your assignments with flying colors.

Thesis Writing

Writing a thesis is tough. From performing research and gathering information to finally rewriting ideas in your own words, everything forces you to bang your head against the wall!

But worry no more because we’re going take the burden off your shoulders. Being a trustworthy assignment helper in Malaysia, we will write a clear, organized, and compelling thesis that will leave your teachers with no choice but to hand the degree over to you. No matter the subject, we’ll produce knowledge-based work your teachers would be proud of!

Project Help

Every project offers you the opportunity to reinvent your ideas. By helping you in your project work and resolving your unique academic problems, we enable you to expand your horizon like never before.

Our highly-qualified ninjas have solid know-how of various subjects. We lay the groundwork for your success by creating result-driven projects that not only demonstrate the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired during your studies but also open the gates to a bright career. Choose our project help services today create a solid academic impact!

Lab Reports

Writing down the observations of your lab experiment is a tiring process. It increases your burden and prevents you from focusing on other academic tasks.

At Assignment Ninja, our ninjas are here to shoot your worries away. We take pride in writing data-driven lab reports that document your findings and highlight the significance of your experiment. What’s more? Our reports will also support the initial hypothesis of the experiment, thereby enabling you to get higher marks in your exams. With us, you’ll never get low grades in your experiments again!

Exam Help

Performing well in exams and climbing up the education ladder is the dream of every student. At Assignment Ninja, we’ll turn this dream of yours into reality!

From providing you with the relevant study material and outlining the most important questions to revealing the little-known secrets of exam success, we’ll completely transform your preparation journey so that you can pass your exams with flying colors. GAT, SAT, IELTS, GRE – our exam help in Malaysia have got you covered for everything!

Top All-Academic Writing Services in Malaysia

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What Makes Us Stand Out

Assignment Ninja isn’t your typical academic helper, utilizing outdated ways that don’t make a difference to your grades. Instead, we tap into the potential of modern methodologies so that you can be where success is going.

Qualified Writers

We pride ourselves on having highly-qualified, expert writers (our Ninjas) who can handle all sorts of subjects without a hassle. No matter how complex your assignment is, we can hit every nail on the head!


Maintaining the privacy of your work is at the heart of everything we do. We never reveal the information of your assignments and go the extra mile to keep everything protected.

Timely Delivery

Punctuality is what transforms our promise of quality into reality. We deliver your assignments on time to ensure that you can accomplish your goals without ado! 

Plagiarism Free Work

Originality is what you need to excel in your academic journey. That’s why we produce original, plagiarism free assignments that make you an unbeatable force in front of your peers! 

Unlimited Revisions

All of our work comes with unlimited revisions, meaning that we don’t stop working until you have something you can finally show to your teachers with confidence. 

Affordable Services

Our assignment writing services are light on pocket and heavy in results. We scale our services as per your budget and allow you to ease your burden without breaking the bank. 

How to Hire Us

Obtaining our services is like a walk in the park. Here’s is how you can see us in action.

1. Fill Out the Form

Go to our form page and fill out all the details of your project. Remember, the more you share, the easier it would be for us to identify your unique goals. 

2. Choose a Ninja

Now, you’ll be shown a list of experienced writers (Ninjas) ready to do the heavy lifting. Choose the one that suits your requirements to uncover your academic success. 

3. Call the Shots

That’s it. You’ve finally hired our ninja who’ll leave no stone unturned to accomplish your goals. You can also talk to the ninja during the project to modify the work as per your needs. 

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