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Assignment Ninja is a professional assignment helper in Malaysia helping students in their assignment-related tasks and ultimately, reach their academic goals. Driven by knowledge and an unshakeable commitment to your bright future, our Ninjas are always ready to complete your assignment in a way that ensures nothing but your success in the classroom!

We believe that handling the never-ending academic burden and completing your assignments on time is tough. And it becomes even tougher if you’re doing a full-time job or preparing for your next exams. The thought of balancing so many tasks in so little time hugely impacts your mental health, something that ultimately leads to your poor grades and low self-esteem.

At Assignment Ninja, we’re redefining how you manage your academic tasks! 

Combining academic proficiency, technical know-how, and experience in one place, our talented assignment writers in Malaysia (we call them Ninjas) flawlessly furnish all of your assignments so that you can focus on more important jobs and ease your burden. We are guided by a commitment to professionalism in every aspect of the assignment-making process, from generating ideas, doing research, and collecting resources to finally creating a comprehensive piece that sets you apart from the rest.

Whether you’re struggling to find the relevant material for your next technical assignment, looking to create a knowledge-based thesis, unable to complete your final-year project, or need any kind of help regarding your exams, counting on our Ninjas will surely be your best bet!


Assignment Ninja, is a subsidiary owned by TCM Bundle in Malaysia, operating since 2018 and known among university students. However, we explicitly discourage clients from submitting our provided work as their own. Our materials are intended solely for reference purposes.

Our Vision

Our vision stems from our desire to make you an unstoppable force in your classroom, based on grades, quality, and trustworthiness. We envision a world where every student could eliminate their burden and overcome academic challenges without a problem!


Our Mission

To offer top-quality, plagiarism-free assignment writing services on a wide array of subjects to improve your credibility in your classroom. We believe that every assignment has a potential for greatness, and it’s our mission to transform that potential into something that moves your academic journey forward!

How We Work

We pride ourselves on having smart (yet dedicated) writers who don’t rest until your desired goals are met. Here is how our process works:

1. Understanding Your Requirements

We believe that extraordinary results require extraordinary understanding. That’s why we dig deep into your unique requirements to have a clear, broad view of your academic goals. 

2. Conducting Research

Research is the distance between an idea and its realization. By collecting relevant material from dozens of books and websites, we enable you to transform your ideas into reality.  

3. Planning

In the planning phase, we carve out different ways to answer the crucial assignment questions. From structuring your assignment to creating an outline for answers, this phase covers multiple things. 

4. Actual Writing

Here comes the real part. Our Ninjas take a birds-eye-view of all the collected material and start writing your assignment. Our razor-sharp precision ensures that no question is left unanswered. 

5. Revision

We conduct several rounds of revision to make sure that all the dots are well connected. Your assignment’s presentation, referencing, grammar, your personal details –everything is revised thoroughly!  

6. Submission

You’re all set. We’ll give you a compelling, convincing assignment your teachers would love to read. It will significantly improve your credibility and give you the grades you’ve always wanted to get!  

Our Values

Our values are at the core of everything we do. We never compromise on them, even if it means missing some clients.


We are honest in all of our dealings and never hide anything from our clients, no matter how small.


Our dedication to your success knows no bounds. We turn every stone to meet your unique academic goals.


Firmly adhering to strong moral principles is of utmost importance to us. We never produce plagiarized work nor trick our clients.


Every paper is written from scratch by ninja experts in your field.

Improved Reputation

Our assignment will leave a long-lasting impression on your peers and take your academic reputation to the next level.

Higher Grades

Who doesn’t like higher grades?  Showing our professionally written assignments to your teachers will make them go crazy over your performance in no time!

Better Career Prospects

We believe that opportunities don’t happen; we’ve to create them. With our help, you’ll enlighten a path to professional success that will grow your career like never before!



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